Question: Victor, How are collision repair rates figured?

Answer: There are three main computer systems that calculate prices. All system pricing and hours for each job are loaded in the programs by the operating company based on what hourly rate, material costs, and parts pricing the insurance companies are willing to pay.

Question: Are Corwin Collision prices higher than other shops?

Answer: No. For the same job, if all damage is accounted for, they should be the same.

Question: Why would a person use a larger shop like Corwin Collision?

Answer: Training would be one reason. We spend $10-20K per year on training. We are i-Car Gold and Honda Certified. Another reason would be equipment and warranty. A lot of shops don’t have the resources to buy the equipment needed to repair a car properly. Some vehicles come equipped with lane departure, front and rear sensors, and cameras – most of which need to be programmed with expensive computers and some of which may need to go to the dealership for work.

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